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                                      Conserving History Preserved in Stone

Conserving Colorado Cemeteries and preserving their history is a top priority. It is time to change perceptions of cemeteries as scary places, only visited around Halloween, to places of art, beauty, and mystery. Colorado drew many that were searching for gold and they created a rich history as they lived. Their final resting areas are just as interesting and unique. 

Ethical conservation and preservation of cemeteries should be a top priority. It should be guided by education, collaboration, and open dialogue. 

The Afterlife - click on the season, crosses at top of photos, and wave your cursor over the pictures to see them come to life.

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Cemetery Watch Program
This program can be set up anywhere where there are active, concerned, and willing participants. I have a free presentation called "Funeraria - the theft and sale of cemetery artifacts". I will also tell you how to set up a Cemetery Watch and offer possible solutions.
Check out more information on the "Issues" page, near the bottom.

Cemeteries are the largest repositories of history in any county or city. They hold the remains of pioneers, statesman, criminals, ne'er do wells, and average citizens.

Every day families search for their roots and the headstones marking the resting places. It is a tangible way to connect with one's past.

Everything will decay. It is a fact. All that can be attempted is to slow the progress and to document, as well as possible, what exists today.




I am a proud member of the following organizations:
Colorado Association of Cemeteries

Association of Gravestone Studies
City of Fountain, Parks Division
City of Pueblo, Parks Division